Boston and many other towns hitting 90° today for the 3rd day in a row, making our 4th heat wave of the year official. It’s happened before, but certainly in rare company. Boston only seeing 5 other times since records began that we saw 4 heat waves in a given year. In 1949, we saw 5, which is the most on record.

Areas south of the Mass Pike most in line for another hot and humid day tomorrow. That’s where the heat advisory continues for another day and where feels like temperatures will return to the upper 90s. Temperatures will climb to the upper 80s for most of us inland tomorrow and it will still be quite humid. I wouldn’t be shocked to see a few isolated towns hit 90° once again. With a north wind, it won’t be enough to hold off the sea breeze to coastal spots will see some nice heat relief for Friday.

Even without counting tomorrow, Boston is top 10 for most 90° readings in a given year at 23.

We’re also watching the tropics. Newly formed Tropical Depression Nine is expected to rapidly strengthen to a high end Category 2 hurricane and head toward Louisiana by the end of the weekend.

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