Heat Waving It

No surprises yesterday as temperatures toppled 90 degrees again for many towns and cities. 92 was a common number, including the city of Boston where it was the 10th time this year with temps 90+. Today likely cracks the nine zero mark for the 11th time this year and 3rd day in a row, allowing us to clinch our 3rd heat wave of the year.

While we don’t lack the heat today, we do start to lose the high humidity as dewpoints fall into the 50s to near 60, allowing for a more comfortable heat. The storm threat today stays south of us, allowing for a great beach/pool day.  Tee time today? No storm threat, just stay hydrated!

The weekend starts off with sunshine tomorrow morning and yields to increasing mid to high level clouds through the afternoon with highs in the 80s to near 90 and humidity still in check. Those clouds that move in are blowoff from a complex of storms that develops to our west tomorrow. If those storms develop far enough north, they’d bring some showers/thunder in here tomorrow night. One caveat to that forecast is that these complexes of storms are quite often farther south than models indicate, and if that’s the case tomorrow night, rain may be focused more south and west of us rather through our entire area.  A few showers may linger into early Sunday, especially near the south coast of New England before high pressure to our north nudges in and provides some breaks of dry weather during the day before rain returns late-day and at night. Highs Sunday are notably cooler, in the 70s.

The most unsettled period in the 7 day forecast is Sunday night – Tuesday with bouts of showers/thunder that are in and out. While it won’t rain the entire stretch, it will be a rather cloudy period with a cool onshore flow as highs struggle to get much past 70. So if you need a break from the heat, at least you have that going for you.

Have a great weekend!

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