After a comfortable start to the work week, things are going to heat up to finish it both today and tomorrow. Today we’ll trade the 70s for the 80s with plenty of sunshine and a breeze. The nice part about today is we don’t add any humidity to the mix and things will stay pretty comfortable despite the warmer temperatures. That will change tomorrow as we get both the heat and humidity for your Friday. Along with the summer heat and humidity, we’ll have summer storms as well.

The storms on Friday will pop up in the afternoon and evening. It’s possible that they could be strong or severe with the warm air and humidity in place. In the early afternoon the storms will start to pop up ahead of the cold front and will be more isolated in nature. Later, a line will come through along the cold front starting later in the afternoon and pushing through during the evening.

Whether it’s the isolated cells in the early afternoon or the line of storms later in the afternoon, any of those do have a chance to be strong or severe. We’re in a slight risk (level 2/5 on the severe weather scale) for severe storms. If a storm would become strong or severe, it would likely be due to the potential for damaging wind gusts or hail. As with any thunderstorm, lots of lightning and downpours are also possible.

Behind that cold front, we go back to the comfortable stuff just in time for the weekend! That means both temperatures and humidity. Some clouds and a little humidity will linger early Saturday morning, but we’re quick to clear out Saturday and quick to see the humidity drop off by late morning. Then the comfortable stuff stays put for Father’s Day on Sunday.

The comfortable stuff is pretty short lived as we heat things up again for next week. But the heat for next week is the real deal. We’ll have heat and humidity and the first heat wave of the year for many. Temperatures in the 90s are looking likely and with the humidity it’ll feel closer to 100°. We’re still a week away from this so just stay tuned with the forecast. It’s looking like that heat will arrive Tuesday-Thursday of next week.

Completely unrelated to the heat next week or the storms tomorrow, today is the earliest sunrise of the year! Granted it’s only by a few seconds, but it is. We have 5:07 AM sunrises from June 7th through the 21st. While we’ll lose mere seconds in the morning, we’ll continue to add on the back end of the day, so we’ll continue to add daylight until June 20th — our longest day of the year and the first day of summer!

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