Heavy Rain And Melting Snow

Warm weather arriving out ahead of a big rainstorm….not good. We are still looking at a sizeable storm affecting the region tomorrow afternoon through midday Saturday with localized flooding the greatest concern during the storm and then a flash freeze at the end of storm as the arctic air returns.

Small river and stream flooding could also be an issue but the that’s more of a wildcard as the rivers and streams themselves are well within their banks but if any ice (currently on those rivers) breaks up and suddenly jams up the streamflow then it becomes an issue. Wind damage (wind gusts over 40mph) should be limited and confined to the South Coast. Our storm is located across the upper Midwest this evening and heads for southern Canada tomorrow—a path that ensures us of raindrops rather than snowflakes. No issues during the morning commute with just patchy fog and drizzle but by afternoon showers arrive and become steadier and heavier during the evening commute. The pockets of heavy rain continue through the night and into Saturday morning with the end of the rain slated between 9-11am. At that time, most towns will have picked up between 1-3″ of rain….

Now, that amount of rain drawn out over 24 hours in any season not named winter would easily be absorbed by the ground but in the dead of winter after an unprecedented blast of arctic air  the frozen ground is closed for absorption business. All that rainwater and meltwater has to go somewhere and if a storm drain is clogged or a downspout is buried then the water will find its own path—either onto a road or worse..basement. Nearly lost in translation is the near record warmth we’ll experience tomorrow!

The record warmth is only a one day thing tho. On the back side of this storm arctic air awaits and that arctic air returns to New England Saturday morning. Temps will crash between 7-11am Saturday.

That quick of a drop means a flash freeze is on the table–even in metro Boston. We will dry out during the afternoon but travel could be quite slick on untreated surfaces..allow extra time when traveling out and about–including to Gillette. The game looks cold (but not bitter) with temps in the 20s and wind chills in the teens…

.  Cold and dry for the remainder of the Holiday Weekend.