Hello Spring!

Today was a beautiful winter day! Yes, we are still in winter. We had a lot of sun, especially this morning, and temperatures climbed to the low to mid 40s across the area. We even started the morning mild, most of us staying above freezing.

Take a warm start to the day and a warm afternoon, we’ll officially have an above average day! We deserve this. Including today, about 2/3 of the month has been below average. Since the day isn’t over, we don’t have the official high, but we do know it will be above average (as of 3pm and the writing of the blog, we’re sitting at our high of 43° so it’s possible we could climb another degree yet).

If you loved today, you’ll love tomorrow even more. Temperatures will get close to, if not hit, 50° for some of us and be our warmest day since January 16th! We’ll again have the breeze but it will feel and look like spring with all the melting that happens again tomorrow.

In fact, whether we hit 50° or not, we’ll likely have our second warmest day of the year so far in Boston!

So if this new weather pattern has you thinking spring, well the good news is it’s less than a month away.

Now some bad news… it doesn’t stick around. That said, the rest of the week is still decent. We’ll keep the sunshine and stay dry for the rest of the week. Thursday will be a little cool because of the wind, but at least we’ll keep the sunshine. In fact, Friday will probably feel nicer than Thursday with a strengthening February sun and little to no wind.