Here We Go Again

Yes, if you’re feeling like “that escalated quickly…” it really did.  But like almost all of our storms this winter, just when you think you can count it out – it trends closer and closer to home, closer and closer to the event.  Here are the details for Round 4:

  • Timeline:  The Wednesday morning commute should be just fine, but the snow moves in late morning into mid-day and continues into the overnight hours.  It all moves out in the early hours of Thursday morning, which should leave the Thursday AM commute unaffected, aside from ongoing clean-up at that time.
  • Impacts:  Plowable snow, wind gusts 45-55mph (especially along the coastline), difficult travel Wed PM, minor/moderate coastal flooding for early Thurs AM high tide (around 3:15am).
    • You’ll find the current snowfall forecast map at the top of this post.  A large swath of 6-10″ – and yes, we’re more than likely talking wet/heavy snow… hard to count on anything that’s nice and light and fluffy when you’re talking about daytime snow during the month of March.  You’ll find the snow becomes wetter/heavier as you move S&E where we get more mixing with rain.  This forecast is still subject to change and may be adjusted tomorrow.  A Winter Storm Watch has been posted by the National Weather Service:
    • Wind is out of the northeast – which is what makes this another “nor’easter.”  Gusts will be between 45-55mph with the strongest wind expected Wednesday evening.
    • Travel will be difficult for those on the roads – and perhaps even those taking on the skies.  This is especially true for Wednesday afternoon and overnight.
    • Coastal Concerns:  Astro tides are higher than they were with the last storm… up to 10.12′ for Boston – and add in a 2.5 to 3′ tidal departure on top of that.  There could be minor to pockets of moderate coastal flooding, especially along the South Shore, Cape and islands during the early Thurs AM high tide (around 3:15am).  A Coastal Flood Watch has been issued:

So, spring starts tomorrow… in theory.  As I said last night, at least this blitz isn’t happening in the middle of January with most of winter still ahead of us.  Most of winter is in the rear-view mirror, and eventually this storm will be too.  Hang in there.  I’ll leave you with a picture of the person writing this blog: