Hey! Spring Starts Tomorrow!

I have an app on my iPhone called #TimeHop, which reminds me of all of my social media posts from this day a year ago.  It’s interesting checking in with this app on a daily basis, not just to see what the weather was like (I tweet about weather a lot) – but also to find some interesting trends…. What I noticed in my #TimeHop app today was a little concerning, but also enlightening!   You see, my forecasts were getting the same #shaming this time of year a year ago.  Forecasts getting slammed and hated-on with many negative reviews… Just as they have been through the last week or two.  Interesting timing?  I think not!  I really think it’s safe to say that even the snow lovers are ready to turn the page on winter, and see what spring has in store.  The cold and snow in the forecast has done nothing but add some grumpiness to social media posts in the past couple of weeks… and according to #TimeHop, it was the SAME WAY this time last year too!  Look, no need to hate on the meteorologist.  We are just the messengers.  Mother Nature is the one in control – and there’s nothing I can do to “warm-up the forecast.”  But what I can do, is I can try ease some of these the ruffled feathers with a little “glass-half full” blogging.  Let’s focus on the positive tonight and talk about the VERNAL EQUINOX!!  Turn that frown upside-down!

Spring starts tomorrow, y’all!  We’re getting closer to more consistent warmer weather, blooms all around, greener trees/lawns… etc.   Can’t you just see it when you close your eyes (go ahead, give it a try)?!  The vernal equinox is at 6:29am Monday, and it is the beginning of astronomical spring.  You probably already know this, but we have seasons because of Earth’s tilt on its axis (23.5°).  When the winter solstice happens (Dec. 21), the sun is directly over the Tropic of Capricorn, at roughly 23.44°S.  During the vernal equinox (tomorrow), the sun is directly over the equator (we’re getting warmer).  When the summer solstice happens (June 21), the sun is directly over the Tropic of Cancer, at roughly 23.44°N.  All the while, the sun angle is getting stronger for us in the Northern Hemisphere which helps to warm our temperatures for the summer months.  As I explained in my blog yesterday, it also helps to abate any winter storms that try to develop during the spring-time.  It’s difficult for snow to accumulate during the spring, and it’s difficult for snow to stick around for long if it does accumulate.  Here’s a graphic that may help with the visualization of what’s happening “astronomically speaking” when seasons change:

It will FEEL more like the start of spring for the start of spring!  So, all the haters can turn that frown upside-down!  Highs for the next two days will actually be above-average (average high temp for Boston this time of year is 46°).  We’ll be flirting with 50° tomorrow under mostly sunny skies, and even into the low-mid 50s on Tuesday.  That’s more like it, right?  

Yes – it would be great if it were that easy – but as we all know, New England weather can change on a dime.  While the start of spring will feel like spring – the cold of winter returns for an encore for the middle of the week.  An arctic front moves through late Tuesday and brings temps back into the low 30s for highs.  Sorry to tell you this, but remember that I AM just the messenger.  If you have complaints about the forecast, leave me and my garbage can alone please.    How about I offer you this – even when we have the cold days that come and go – they will come and they will GO.  Even though we may have a few winter-like days here and there, ultimately we ARE moving on to spring… because, well, time moves forward in a linear fashion.  #captainobvious

As for the elephant that’s still in the room (I referenced this in last night’s weather blog too) – let’s quickly talk about the big, warm-looking 64° on the extended forecast:  It does look like Saturday is a very mild and mostly dry day… but then Sunday comes along.  The weekend is something to watch, because while there will likely be milder air working in – there could also be high pressure up in Canada that tries to take over and push in more cold from the north.  All the while, the storm track could be over our area… which would mean a possible wintry-mix and even maybe some snow showers on Sunday.  Again, it’s all subject to change and certainly something we’re watching – but again, we don’t control the weather.  We just try to give you a heads up ahead of time so you can plan accordingly.  You’re welcome!  And if you don’t like the forecast, then I at least hope you’ve been entertained by my random rambling about seasons and my fairly clever and fun use of GIFs.  Be kind. – Breezy