Here we go! The Holiday Weekend is upon us (assuming most get it started on Friday) and it looks like we’ll open up the weekend with summer heat!

Mostly sunny skies on Friday with temps expected to climb into the low 90s (cooler but more humid on the Cape/South Coast). Most towns will stay dry but there will be around a 10-20% of a thunderstorm after 4pm. Very low chance. As for the rest of the Holiday Weekend, it still looks like Saturday will be the lone day with disruptive weather thanks to a cool front dislodging Friday’s heat…

While I don’t think this front will produce all-day rains I do think at any part of the day for any region in southern New England, there could be showers/storms occurring. Have a Plan B ready to go for outdoor activities in case the skies open up over your backyard. The best option would be to engage a rain date to either Sunday or Monday as those two days will be dry.

I think Sunday is the best of the four days but the 4th itself finishes a close 2nd place. Sunday will be dry and for just about all of us, so will Monday but there is the slightest of chances that a stray shower or storm will pop Monday afternoon. Dry, clear weather anticipated for the Esplanade Pops concert Monday evening. Yahooooooo!

Normally, with a 10% of precipitation I wouldn’t give it a mention but being THE 4th of July, just wanted to be out in front of any pop-up shower or storm Monday afternoon. Headed to the Cape/Lakes region for the weekend? Here ya go…

One final blurb….June 2022 was just about nirvana (not the grunge band from Seattle) but rather near perfect weather! Check out the review

Temps were just about normal (only 1 day with 90 degree heat in Boston). Plenty of sunny days (granted, the lawns and gardens could’ve used more water) and perhaps the best part of the month??….Very little humidity! Only 6 days where dewpoint temps reached 65 (or higher) compared to the normal number of muggy days..ten. I’d take this type of weather for July and August! We shall see.

Regardless, have fun, be safe and enjoy your freedom this weekend… a classy way of course ;o)


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