Hot and Humid First Weekend of Summer

Feeling like summer as summer officially kicks off (astronomically speaking) later this afternoon at 5:43PM.

With the summer solstice, the Earth’s tilt to the sun is at it’s maximum, providing the northern hemisphere with over 15 hours of daylight.  For us in the Boston-area, we’re looking at 15 hours, 17 minutes and 3 seconds of daylight today.

If you’re planning on soaking up as much of the sun as possible, you’ll certainly need the sunscreen, the sunglasses and plenty of water.  We’re tracking the 90s which build in later this afternoon, especially for the Merrimack Valley and areas inland, with Boston possibly reaching 90 for the first time this year, on the first day of summer!

Tonight, not much relief from the heat with lows only sliding back into the low to mid 70s coupled up with the humidity under mainly clear skies.  Some patchy dense fog possible at the coasts, so be mindful of that for your travels.

For Father’s Day tomorrow, the heat and humidity is sticking around.  Another day filled with mainly sunny skies, a spot shower inland, and highs into the upper 80s to low 90s, 70s along the Cape.

To kick off the week, near 90 Monday with a chance for some thundershowers into the afternoon, Tuesday is still hot and humid.

Wednesday afternoon appears to be the next best chance for some widespread rain and thunderstorms (at this point, it doesn’t look to be a washout though).  Thursday also features some a few thunderstorms.  Friday is drier and less humid with highs back into the low to mid 80s.