Hot, Humid & Day 2 of Potential Heat Wave


We’re in the thick of the heat today! It’s day 2 of our potential heat wave. 90° temps are in the bag this Monday, with today’s highs even a notch above what we managed yesterday. We keep the sunshine in the forecast, with temps into the mid-90s in metro Boston (even a few 97° temps are possible today).

The biggest concerns today will be heat & humidity, followed by our air quality. An Air Quality Alert is in effect today into tonight. It’s good idea to limit strenuous activity outdoors today, especially for those with respiratory concerns. Remember, pets don’t like this heat either, so don’t leave them outside for too long!

We need three consecutive days of 90° to meet heat wave criteria, and it does look like day three will be the deal-breaker for us. While we’re forecasting high temps in the low-90s, there is a chance we stay just shy of 90° tomorrow.

You’ll want to keep an eye on the sky tomorrow, as the chance for storms returns to New England as a cold front tracks through the region. We could see a few morning storms, but most of our stormy weather debuts tomorrow afternoon and early evening. A few stronger storms are possible during this time.

The passing of this cold front does mean some major changes for us. We move much more mild, and seasonable temperatures into the Commonwealth by midweek.


Stay cool & hydrated, and enjoy that sunshine!