What a day!!  It was great watching John Cuoco’s story on the Head of the Charles during this evening’s news, because all of the spectators were rocking short sleeves!  It’s not often that we get summer weather for this quintessential “fall in New England” event!  There weren’t any records today, but we did come fairly close.  Maybe we really could nickname this month “Hot-tober,” considering we’ve had 13 days this month with highs of 70° or warmer.  It also puts it into perspective that the “normal” or average high temp for Boston this time of year should be around 60° – and today we were almost 20 degrees above that!

So, how did you spend the day?  Beach day or apple-picking?  I’ve been loving all of your warm-weather photos on Twitter today.  I would love to see more of your outdoor weekend activities if you care to share!  Tweet @BriEggers or find me on Facebook – you can also just tweet using the hashtag #senditto7.

Tomorrow looks stellar as well, with highs well above average once again. The difference tomorrow will be adding a few high clouds to mix, and a weak backdoor cold front (and onshore wind) that will keep NE Massachusetts and the coastline in the 60s for the afternoon. Planning on checking out some of the #HauntedHappenings going on in Salem??  I visited last week and LOVED it!  Check out my most recent Facebook post for some fun suggestions!  Tomorrow in Salem, expect a magical afternoon followed by a spooky-cool evening:

Some much needed rain is on the way for us through the middle of next week, as a deep dip in the jet stream delivers cool air across the Midwest and Ohio Valley and also pushes a slow moving front toward the east coast. That slow moving front will have plenty of tropical moisture along it, producing batches of locally heavy rain. For us, isolated showers Tuesday will transition to locally heavy rain Tuesday night and Wednesday, some of those downpours accompanied by gusty southerly winds too. Rain totals across New England likely fall in the 1-3″ range. While much of it beneficial, we’ll watch the potential of some localized street flooding if downpours linger over any one location too long.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!  – Breezy