Hot Town Summer In The City

Anybody else spending their days like this??

Dang, another hot & humid day! In fact, this 7-day stretch has been the hottest 7 days this summer..eclipsing the week of July 4th–and that was a hot week too! Today’s high temp of 95 makes it 5 days this summer (year) that the thermometer has reached  at least 95 degrees!

Adding insult to injury have been the overnight lows…..not dipping below 70 at any point (Boston’s low this morning was only 77!) In terms of hottest summer? Not even close…. yet—June was a smidge below normal so despite July & August heat it’s ranked #15. As for August, that’s a different story!

Moving the story forward, we still don’t have any crisp, cool air in sight but I do think the temps will back off a little bit in the coming days…

Still uncomfortable hot & humid weather next two days but we will take the humidity out of the mix by Friday! Oh…and as for those scattered storms for tomorrow & Thursday… washouts….it’s likely the radar will mimic something like this tomorrow afternoon and again early Thursday afternoon..

Notice some green blobs (showers) but also dry patches. A few strong storms possible tomorrow afternoon but not overly concerned about severe weather.

Enjoy your tacos.