Humid With Increasing Warmth


I realize I keep harping on this Hermine system but that pic is something else—so much symmetry and yet such a hot mess. The center of circulation is about 100 miles south of Block Island this afternoon and will begin drifting northeast overnight and then fading away tomorrow. Even though she spared us any serious wind & coastal flooding she didn’t do much for our drought. Most of us have picked up less than an inch of rain since she showed up in these parts a few days ago and for a tropical system and all its moisture (tropical systems are warm and can hold copious amounts of moisture)—-that’s a bummer. Our drought rolls on and we roll back into summer mode with building heat & humidity.

The heat won’t come from Hermine’s scraps–that arrives from the Midwest –but the humidity is tied to Hermine. In her stationary motion she has been pin wheeling moisture up into New England the past couple of days (notice the clouds much?) and this added moisture has forced those dewpoints to jump up near 70…..tropical. Fitting I suppose since it is the work of a former tropical storm.

We end the week rather summery with a mix of clouds & sun both tomorrow & Friday. Temps tomorrow are warm–low 80s but on Friday they are downright hot as most cities & towns reach 90 by afternoon. The saving grace on Friday will be dewpoints lowering a smidge thanks to a westerly breeze–both should alleviate that heat a little bit (a less intense September sun will also help). The weekend sees the heat retreat but we’re still not endorsing pumpkin beer or pumpkin spiced lattes as temps both days are in the low 80s with lingering humidity. There is a shower threat each day but as of now, I think that happens before noon on Saturday & Sunday and like many many other times this year….isolated, not widespread.

Nice early fall/late summer weather is slated to appear early next week tho.