Yes, it was another day with temps up around 90—Boston….New Bedford….Taunton in particular—but it was the lack of humidity that at least made a bearable when outside! Sure, it wasn’t that crisp, snappy air that has you looking for pumpkin beer & setting up the fire pit but at least it didn’t leave you feeling flattened after getting the mail. Welp……the humidity is heading this once again and it will feel very tropical this time tomorrow night.

Thankfully, it’s not another week of the gross, humid air but rather about 24-27 hours of the stuff. A warm front, which is draped across Pennsylvania this evening, will drag itself and the muggies back this way. These fronts are great producers of clouds, showers as well as thunderstorms so plan on just that tomorrow. It’s not a day completely lost to showers & storms as they will be scattered in nature, so like previous days, some of you may go the entire day & not hear one rumble of thunder or get more than a few sprinkles.

The greatest concern with these downpours & t-storms will be locally heavy rain that could lead to some urban flooding. The other concern, which is very low, is that with the warm front some of these thunderstorms may rotate and rotating thunderstorms have the potential to become severe with wind & even a tornado. The tornado risk looks greater across western New England—Hartford, Waterbury, Pittsfield versus our part of the world. While the risk of severe storms is very low tomorrow it is non-zero, something we’ll be watching tomorrow afternoon-evening across New England.

In any event, by Wednesday, a weak cool front comes cruising thru here during the morning and this front, combined with a healthy westerly breeze will shove that humidity out to sea! Plan on a mix of sun & clouds for the day as well as the remainder of the week. You can also plan on drier air Wednesday afternoon and lasting right through the weekend. Looks like a nice, solid stretch of weather.


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