Humidity Wasted

Taking a look at that title picture it reveals the drought is still alive & kicking and considering we flirted with a tropical storm and all its moisture for much of the week yet hardly any rain is quite a letdown to say the least. What we did have (and still do) for the week is the humidity. Check out these dewpoints:
Waaay too high for my liking–especially when we are just hours away from the start of the NFL (right here on Channel 7–shameless plug) and we can’t find a way to wring that moisture out of the air in the form of rain. Enter Cold Front. In reality this “front” will behave more like a Texas Dryline and shove the muggies out to sea on Friday. This shoving process happens slowly overnight (as the front cruises through New England) so we hold onto the humidity but the process will kick off a few scattered showers for us. Greatest chance of any appreciable rain is along & west of I-495 where some lucky cities/towns/lawns/gardens may get .50″ of rain while the rest of us get less than .10″ before sunrise Friday.

Friday starts like every other day this week….cloudy, muggy & perhaps some patchy drizzle/mist in the year but as we step through the morning hours, the clouds break apart and the sun goes to work. That work (combined with the cool front doing its shoving) will get rid of the humidity. Here’s what happens to those dewpoints tomorrow:
I’ll take  it!–True, we won’t be scurrying for our fall vests or gathering kindling for our fire pits but at least it won’t feel like Miami. Of course, our temps won’t exactly scream September either. Check out the afternoon highs for Friday:

Woah, low 90s! In fact, the record high in Boston is 93 (set just last year) while over in Worcester, it’s 90—we’ll be close and definitely way above the normal high temp of 75 but at least it’s a dry heat. This heat is just a one day thing tho as the weekend won’t feature any 90s. The weekend will see a return to mornings 7 clous theme with both Saturday and Sunday mornnings starting cloudy and the likelihood of a few showers (light & spotty). Sunday will finish strong with abundant sunshine while Saturday keeps the clouds for much of the day. Temps are in the 70s on Saturday and low 80s on Sunday with a nice refreshing breeze by afternoon.

Looks like another early fall preview on the way early next week—crisp, cool mornings with pleasant afternoons anticipated.