I Spy Fall

Yup, definitely felt like fall today! Crisp cool temps all day with a healthy breeze at times. Personally I think it’s about time—I’ve ranted in the past about feeling the love for all seasons when it is their turn. Summer had its turn, time to step aside for a bit (Sharing is caring).

We do have a chilly night in store with dry air, clear skies & light winds….that means frost for some of you! Here are the forecast low temps (occurring around 7am Friday):

Boston proper doesn’t have frost in the forecast but outside of town, yes, you may need the scrapers early tomorrow morning. here is where we have a frost advisory for early Friday Morning:

Certainly a shock to the system considering our recent stretch of warm weather but it’s pretty close to normal. This  map shows *normal date* of first frost:

For those locations in that dark blue–tonight is the night……City of Boston (Cape/Islandss too), the first frost date is typically November 5th. So is that it? No more warm weather until Next June?……No…..Check out temps from around 5pm today:

Milder air already percolating to our southwest and will easily find its way back into our region by the upcoming weekend as afternoon temps for both Saturday & Sunday reach the 70s. Some clouds will tag along for the weekend ride but other than a random sprinkle on Sunday, it’s mainly dry.

Some hints of a pattern change by the last week of October as a recurving typhoon in the western Pacific buckles the jet stream across North America in such a way that delivers cool air and is kept in place for more than a day or two:

We shall see about that…