In Retreat

Wow! What a day yesterday as sunshine beat out the cloud cover and temps cruised well into the 60s. In fact, we even hit 70 in a few spots, including Boston. While 70 is toasty stuff for November, we missed the record for the date by 13. The record of 83, set in 1950 for November 2nd, also represents the warmest November temperature on record in Boston.

Today, times are a changing, and the September weather begins it’s retreat. In addition to some locations being notably cooler today, we’ll also catch some showers.  Early this morning, the few scattered showers we get are quick moving with plenty of dry hours surrounding them. By midday (11am-3pm), a batch of rain works in from the west, allowing for a steadier rain near the MA/NH border, and especially across NH,VT and ME. Near and south of the Pike, showers are more hit or miss, so rain totals there won’t be all that impressive. Totals range from 0.25-0.50″ near the MA/NH border to generally 0.10″ or less near and south of the Pike. Showers become few and far between by dinner time as we dry out quickly this evening.

The temperature forecast today is tricky as the wind direction dictates what towns surge well into the 60s and what towns stay in the 50s. The most likely locations to hold in the low to mid 50s this afternoon will be across northern MA and NH. The most likely locations to push well into the 60s will be south of the Pike. In fact, a few towns from RI to Southeast Mass may take another run to 70.

After today, cooler air works in for all, with 40s and 50s the flavor of the day(s) from tomorrow afternoon, through the weekend. Should a many dry pattern too with a gusty breeze both Friday and Sunday.

Have a great day!

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