Indecisive Spring Weather


Seeing mostly sunny skies this Wednesday morning is a fantastic midweek treat!!! It seems like we’ve been living in a murky, overcast haze so far this week, and we’re luckily breaking that trend for a bit midweek. Mostly sunny skies this morning, will be replaced with a mixture of sun and clouds as we head into the mid to late-morning hours.

A cold front still to our NW this morning, tracks eastward, moving into Southern New England this afternoon. This front could touch off a few light showers/ sprinkles this afternoon, with the best shot for  few stray showers along and north of the Mass. Pike (especially the North Shore).

High pressure moves in behind this front, and while we stay dry tonight into tomorrow, we do have a good deal of cloud cover to contend with tomorrow (so filtered sunshine at best for Thurs.).


As Bri wisely noted, your Cinco de Mayo will be a “Soako de Mayo” as we have the likely chance for heavy rain a times on Friday. The heaviest rain looks to fall Friday afternoon into the evening commute, with rain still sticking around into your Saturday morning. By Saturday morning, we’ll have an additional 1-2″ of rainfall to add to our 2017 precip. totals!!

Cooler temps hold this weekend into next week, as a cool & unsettled spring pattern stays in place.


Hope you enjoy our quick hitting midweek sunshine!!