It’s All Gravy

I did see a few reports of graupel this morning, which made me very happy.  That’s my favorite type of precipitation; little snow pellets that look a lot like Dippin’ Dots ice cream.  Here’s a picture that J.R. posted this morning on Twitter:

That was about it though, as far as the reports I saw this morning go.  For most of us it really wasn’t much of anything except for cold temps and warm ovens.  Hopefully you didn’t find any trouble while heading over the river and through the woods today.

Currently, some light showers and areas of drizzle and light showers are moving through.  For the next couple of days, what you see now is pretty much what you get.  With low level moisture in place, we’ll continue to see some damp/dreary weather through Friday and Saturday.  However, I really don’t expect any snow accumulation or ice on the roads.  Temps are currently running in the mid 30s in the coldest spots, and with this much moisture in place it’s hard for temps to move a lot.  Overnight lows will range from 36-42° for most of us – with the exception of higher terrain well into the interior.  Also, it’s not a lot of rain on the way through Sunday.  Looks like best-case scenario is around 0.25″-0.50″ (but that half-inch may be pushing it).

High pressure takes over on Monday, giving us the sunshine back.  Temps stay cool to wrap up the month of November, but we’re in for some milder temps by the middle of next week (into the 50s).  However, those 50° days (Wed/Thur) come along with a catch:  More wet weather.  We need the rain, so we’ll be thankful for it once it arrives.

Side note:  The Happy Yule Log is back on the Hallmark Channel, and our little buddy Simba couldn’t be happier!!

Happy Thanksgiving!  – Breezy