It’s Been a While…

Today felt like proof that spring is finally here!!  Can I get a resounding “It’s about time!?”  It really was a long stretch of cool, dreary weather that we experienced… patiently (?) waiting for today.  The temp in Boston hasn’t been above 60° since the 1st of March and with a high of 66° today, it’s the warmest it’s been at BOS (Logan) since that odd stretch of warmth in late February.  You remember that?  Or was it just too long ago?

Well, if you liked today – you’ll love the next couple of days.  Tomorrow it’s into the 70s and by Tuesday into the low 80s!!  This is so typical for New England weather, taking winter straight into summer.  However, no need to worry because spring weather will return after this warm bump.  Tuesday will be the warmest day with record highs within reach:

The one bit of bad news is that along with the sunshine, breeze and warmth – the pollen count will be skyrocketing.  It’s allergy season, for sure.  You can just call me “Sneezy Breezy” for the next month or two.  Get on that allergy-med early!  I have found that it’s more preventative than a treatment for symptoms, just #IMHO.

The next chance for rain isn’t until Wednesday PM, but it won’t be a crazy rainstorm we’re looking for.  As a cool front moves through, a few showers are likely – and possibly a few rumbles of thunder.  Despite the cool front, temps on Thursday will still be above normal, in the low 60s.

Now, the forecast many runners have been asking for, “What will Patriot’s Day be like?”  We know that historically, it can be ANY kind of weather for the Boston Marathoners’ 26.2 mile trek to the city… There’s been rain, wind, warmth… you name it!  I remember Chris Lambert telling me last year, “It will either be too warm and sunny or too cold and rainy – there’s no in between.”  It’s STILL EARLY, and of course SUBJECT TO CHANGE – but right now, Monday looks like it is that “in between.”  What I’m trying to say is, I don’t see any extremes in store for this year’s marathon, at least not as of now:  I’m not seeing any rain, extreme warmth or extreme cold.  If you’re a “Goldilocks” runner like me, this forecast looks just right:  Near 50° for the start in Hopkinton and in the mid to upper 50s for the finish in Boston.  We’ll keep you posted with updates every step of the way.  For now, enjoy the sunset tonight at 7:19pm.  -Breezy