Looking forward to this weekend?  I’m sure you’re not alone as many of us look forward to the long holiday weekend we often associated with the unofficial start of summer.  That unofficial start of summer around here can mean anything from 55 to 95, to rain, to sun.  While variety may be the spice of life, it can be a headache in terms of trying to figure out what to pack for the long weekend! In good ole fashion New England style, we’ll have a variety of weather this weekend.

Let’s break it down.

Today:  Mid to upper 80s inland, 70s at the beach.  A mix of clouds and sun with just an isolated storm/shower inland.

Saturday:  Bring the heat and stay hydrated!  90-94 inland, 70s across Cape Ann and Cape Cod (Foggy start possible on the Cape).  Sea breeze along the NH/ME coast too keep a refreshing summer’s natural A/C going there too with 70s to near 80 there.  An isolated storm is possible in the afternoon (chance running about 10%, meaning 90% of the area likely stays dry)

Sunday:  Here’s my forecast temperature headache and your wardrobe adjustment.   Backdoor cool front slides in as early coastal temps in the 70s fade into the 60s.  Inland, it’s warmer, much warmer likely west of 495 where some 80s are still possible.  A few pop-up showers/storm may fire west of 495 where the front is during the afternoon, but much of the day is rain-free, especially east.

Monday:  We may have some issues here.  A plume of tropical moisture interacts with the front wavering across the area.  The result is scattered showers and rumbles of thunder.  With the atmosphere loaded with moisture, embedding downpours are possible.  Still a few days away from this, so we’ll fine tune the forecast as we get close.

Tuesday – Thursday look quiet again.

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