Just You Wait…

Feeling the chill this morning?  Temps are running in the low 40s for most to start the day, PLUS we have a NW breeze to add an extra “chill” to this Friday morning.  Well, just you wait… because tomorrow morning will be even colder.  The low 40s of this morning become low 30s (even upper 20s in spots) tomorrow morning.  In my opinion, Saturday is always a good day to sleep in- maybe even with an extra blanket.  There’s even a Freeze Watch and a Frost Advisory in effect for Eastern Massachusetts from 2a-9a:  Really, this is just a “heads up” for you if you’re still trying to hang on to the sensitive vegetation.  It’s not abnormal to see temps this cool for this time of year – maybe a touch cool for coastal areas.  If you are trying to hang onto some plants that won’t make it through a frost/freeze, just bring them in overnight or cover them up with a tarp or old sheet.  The areas west of 495 are not covered under the Freeze Warning because it is assumed the growing season has already ended for Central and Western Massachusetts.  The immediate coastline, plus the “urban heat island” of Boston should be safe from a frost; temps bottoming out around 40°.

All things considered, it’s a fantastic fall weekend in store for us!!  We’ll keep the sunshine around through Sunday, and there’s even a warming trend on the way.  The breeze that’s with us this morning should fade this afternoon, and highs will top out near 60°.  Much the same for Saturday – a cold start followed by a sunny & cool afternoon.  Last Sunday was a washout – and this Sunday is anything BUT!  We’re in for warming temperatures for the second half of the weekend; flirting with 70° under mostly sunny skies.  Enjoy this sun-shiney weekend, because next weekend may not be so nice… Soak it all in and bottle it up if you find a way to do so.  Next chance for showers isn’t until Monday.

Hang on to the handle bars, it’s a roller-coaster forecast ahead!!  By the middle of next week, we’re flirting with 80°!  WHAT?!  Stay tuned… – Breezy