Keep On Keepin’ On

The summer that can’t stop–won’t stop is down to 1 full day and I suppose it’s fitting that day (tomorrow) will be warmer than normal. Temps on Wednesday are expected to reach the low 80s and even warmer on Thursday but in September, the sunshine doesn’t have the same firepower as it does in July. I can dig it. The issue I have with late summer is the humidity. Check out these dewpoints (from 5pm):
Well up into the 60s for our part of the world—-something I love in late spring/early summer but this time of year, that kind of humidity gets in the way of the crisp, fall air we all know & love around these parts. If you take a look at Toronto, Canada, their dewpoint is down to 45—outstanding. This drier air is heading our way for tomorrow and again on Thursday:
So even tho temps will be in the 80s tomorrow and again on Thursday–the first day of fall I might add—at least it will be a dry heat. The dryness of the air is good for many reasons—not sweating through your suit when walking from the garage to the TV studio (a 3 minute walk) being the best but also that dry air allows temps to cool off quickly during the evening hours, say if, you are heading down to Gillette. Temps for tail-gating will be moving through the 70s and then the upper 60s by the end of the game. Nice classic fall football weather but then again, neither are football games on Thursday Nights (imo). I have found some early fall weather–you know, the kind when temps start in the 40s the slowly reach the low 60s by afternoon—yeah, that kind! it happens both weekend days thanks to a jet stream looking like this:
Quite the dip across the northeast! Is that the start of fall?!? No, but that touch of fall will last for a few days and that’s typically how it goes as the cool shots of air come at greater frequencies and have a little more bite than the last and before you know it…it’s snowing…well…..eventually.

Enjoy the summer weather, once it’s gone–it’s gone for several months.