Keepin’ it Up

Yes, we sure are “keepin’ it up,” as the title of this blog reads.  I’m talking about the warming trend, and it gets even warmer tomorrow.  The high temp for BOS today (at least as I write this blog, anyway) was 76°.  We haven’t been into the 70s since February 24th when it was 73° (which was a stretch of very odd warmth for winter) – and this is the warmest it’s been in Boston since it was 81° on October 19th.  While we didn’t break any records today, we very well could tomorrow as the warming trend continues.  Temps will climb into the low, possibly even mid 80s, for Tuesday afternoon.  Records are in jeopardy, and not just for high temps but also warm low temps:

From the NWS Forecast Discussion:

Record high temperatures for Tuesday, April 11th:

BOS 78/1955

PVD 79/1955

BDL 79/1955

ORH 80/1945

Record high min temps for Tuesday April 11th:

BOS 54/1915

PVD 52/1915

BDL 52/1915

ORH 52/1915

It really is my belief that food tastes better when it’s enjoyed outside on a nice day!  If you didn’t get out and about for your Monday lunch-break, there’s no better way to cure a case of the “Tuesday Loseday” blues than to brown bag it outside.  And if you can’t swing lunch al fresco, how about dinner?  Here’s my “Flame-Broiled Forecast” for tomorrow:

As we get into Wednesday, we’ll be tracking a cool front that will put an end to this summer-fever. However, temps are expected to be above normal all throughout the week.  Along with this cool front, there could be some scattered showers and possible isolated thunderstorm.  If and where storms form, there could be some strong/gusty wind and small hail.  I’m not anticipating anything severe, but we can’t rule it out completely.  Something we’ll be watching for.  With that said though, Wednesday is NOT a washout.  If you’re going to Fenway that night, showers should be wrapping up early on, if not before the game starts at 7:10pm.  (and it’s worth mentioning that tomorrow night’s game is about as GREAT as it gets for early spring baseball!)

We’ll be in for another warm-up for Easter Sunday after some early showers.  I said it last night, and I’ll say it again:  As a “Goldilocks runner,” I think the Marathon Monday forecast is looking “juuuuust right!”