Keeping Track?

It’s like a classic game of “Hot-Cold;” In our search for spring-weather, Mother Nature has been guiding us with “warmer… warmer… COLD!  COLD!!”  like this past weekend.  You see where I’m going with this, right?  That cold snap we just made it through was somethin’ serious #toocoldtofunction; especially when comparing the record-setting high temps of LAST weekend, to record-cold highs this weekend.  Are you keeping track of Mother Nature’s mood swings?  

Now we push in the milder air for the next couple of days, but it does come along with a bit of a trade-off:  wet weather.  Clouds are already moving in, fading the glorious sunshine we enjoyed earlier today.  We will be dry for most of the night, but there’s a chance some light showers will work in during pre-dawn hours, and this could cause some concern for the morning commute.  We know the cold is in place currently and after this weekend, you can bet the ground is cold.  If those showers work in while the cold is still in place, there could be some isolated slick spots between the hours of 4am-9am.  The risk for this is highest N&W of Worcester, well into the interior.  It’s NOT widespread ice, by any means.  We just can’t rule out the possibility of some patchy ice tomorrow morning, so it’s worth a mention.  Be sure to check in with Wren Clair tomorrow morning when Today in New England gets going at 4:30am.

Under mostly cloudy skies, highs will be in the mid 40s for most tomorrow.  It’s not a wash-out, but there will be scattered light showers moving through.  Best chance for raindrops will be midday into the early afternoon – but best to keep the umbrella handy all day, just in case.  A cold front moves through overnight Tuesday into Wednesday morning and will dry us out by 8-9am Wednesday.  Wednesday will also be our mildest day of the week, with highs in the mid to upper 50s.  Enjoy!  Because… Mother Nature is about to re-direct our search for spring with “COLD!  COLD!!”

It appears we get another “flip-flop” of the jet stream for next weekend, bringing the cold back into place for the Northeast.  Now – the question has been, “is there snow in the forecast?”  Today’s forecast model runs say “probably not.”  I posed the question on Twitter last night:  “Would you prefer 30s and snow?  Or 20s and sunshine.”  Most of you chose the non-existent “option C…” (nice try) – but this is really the conundrum we’ve found ourselves in.  It may be just “too cold” for snow next weekend, in which case it’s bitter and sunny again.  For now I have taken all snowflakes OUT of the 7on7 Forecast (subject to change)… but we will, as always, keep you posted.  – Breezy