King Tides and High Highs

Feels like a spooky month, not just because of all of the Halloween decorations that have gone up – but also because of our Full Hunter’s Moon (also a supermoon) this past weekend.  Do things typically get a little “strange” during a full moon?  I believe so… and if you don’t think so, consider this:  The ocean tides are determined by the gravitational pull of the Sun & Moon – and with a full/supermoon in play as it was this past weekend – we have some “strangely” high tides.  These are called “king tides” because they are the highest of the high tides.  This is from Wikipedia:  “The king tides occur when the Earth, Moon and Sun are aligned at perigee and perihelion, resulting in the largest tidal range seen over the course of a year.”  Those big words basically mean in elliptical orbit paths, the Earth is closest to the Sun and the Moon is closest to Earth.  This is causing for some minor coastal flooding and splash-over, not just at the midday high tide today but also again late tonight (around 1am) and early tomorrow afternoon (around 2pm).

That may not be all that “strange,” especially for those who live in a coastal community with vulnerable shore roads… but how about the strange “well-above-normal-near-record-high-temps” we’re expecting today and again tomorrow?  Average high temps for this time of year are in the low 60s, and some of us could be in the low 80s today!  Though, it may be a little hard to believe when we’re starting out with such gloomy weather.  Yes, even a few rumbles of thunder were reported late last night and very early this morning as a MCS (meso-scale convective system) slid through the area.  Some of us were able to pick up some decent rain with this wet weather:

Now, the wet weather is gone – but the clouds and patchy fog are still hanging around.  While temps are VERY mild currently (running in the upper 50s for most), we need the sun and SW breeze to kick in to really warm things up this afternoon.  The front is sort of “hung up” over the area; cooler air trying to work in from the NE and warmer air to the SW trying to nudge it out.  Which one will win?  Eventually the warm air-mass takes over… but how long does it take for these two different air-masses to battle it out?  I do think we’ll still see some areas top out at 80° this afternoon, but that looks most likely for areas S & W of Boston.  Boston, points N & W will likely stay in the 70s today, and we’ll likely not be breaking many (if any) records for this day:

Still – this is abnormally warm for this time of year!  Plus, it’s warm again (perhaps even warmer than today for some) tomorrow!!  Once again shooting for highs in the upper 70s to near 80°.  Soak it up now, because fall-like weather comes back with a vengeance for the weekend, and by that I mean, highs in the 50s and a chilly wind.  It may even send a “chill” down your spine!   SPOOOOOKY.

If all of this isn’t strange enough for you, check out Stranger Things on Netflix.    If you haven’t already binge-watched this series, you need to do so… but maybe wait until Thursday or Friday when the rain arrives. It’s always awesome to stay in when it’s gloomy and wet out.  The end-of-week rain has the potential to be a good soaking, too!  Here’s to hoping.  – Breezy