Last Day of Summer in the 80s

7Weather- The last day of summer, will feel like summer. Highs will be about 15-20º above average on Sunday. It remains warm for the first day of fall, and then a cold front drops us back into the 70s on Tuesday.


Sunday will feel a bit muggy, but the humidity won’t be terrible. Given the fall-like weather we got at the beginning of the week, I think it’s safe that it will feel hot. Highs will be between 83-89º.

You’ll need the sunscreen, sun glasses, cap and lots of water for the Patriots game. It will be in the mid 80s throughout the game.



Most of Monday will be sunny. This will allow temperatures to jump into the upper 80s again. It will feel muggier than Sunday, and some towns could reach 90º.

A cold front approaches the area Monday night, bringing in the chance for showers, maybe a rumble of thunder.



Our average high drops from 70º to 40º, and by the end of fall we have a sunset closer to 4 PM. We lose 3 hours and 3 minutes of daylight.