Let’s Try This Again

Check out these temps from earlier this afternoon..
Not exactly how I thought today would play out. Nice JR, setting the industry back 25 years with that doozie of a forecast. #Oops. So…what happened?! Welp, a warm front was supposed to cruise through here but I should know better than that–warm fronts in mid fall through late spring can (and do) get stuck…
….and that’s what happened today. This front will take a nap tonight while a cool front heads this way tomorrow. Oddly enough, this cool front will warm the places that were cool today…into the 70s tomorrow. The front comes through tomorrow morning–with clouds & some sprinkles but by afternoon sunshine shows up and hangs with us. We’ll also see a nice westerly breeze develop and that west wind will help to give the temps a boost…for everyone….plan on the 70s.

The end of the week is unsettled with clouds and showers for both Thursday & Friday. Thursday is just a few isolated showers but Friday they are likely to be more numerous–especially afternoon & evening as a powerhouse cool front sweeps through the region. This could be another good slug of rain for us….potential is there for an inch of rain by late Friday night.

In any event, blustery & cool weather settles into New England behind that front for the weekend.

PS…..7 years ago today it snowed, remember?
Brady & the Pats lit up the Titans 59-0 (Welker made snow angels in the snow) as 1-4″ of snow fell across portions of southern New England.