Limited Sunshine

Even just a few hours of sunshine this afternoon was welcomed, given what’s coming down the Pike in the coming days. The grey, cool weather (for most but not all of us) took a break but is re-loading just in time for the weekend. It’s a storm located way to our west this evening:

That storm is a slow mover (like me before 8am) but is moving this way. Still too far away to bother us this evening with rain but that’ll change tomorrow. Not so much during the morning commute but grab the rain gear heading out the door as there are likely to be a few showers by late day & evening. From tomorrow evening through early Saturday afternoon is some beneficial rains and not just the random, isolated stuff we’ve dealt with the past few months but some good ole fashioned rain (think Oprah–you get some!..and you get some!–and you get some!) This map shows rainfall potential by late Saturday afternoon:
Nice! Granted, it’s a weekend so leaf peeping, apple picking will likely have to wait until Sunday. Speaking of Sunday, not washed out but still a day that will offer cloudy skies & patches of drizzle & mist. Temps both days this weekend are in the upper 50s. Sox-Jays games look wet and that Pats-Bills game also features drizzle weather.

We have a new hurricane this evening…..Hurricane Matthew—upgraded from a tropical storm earlier today:
Matthew is passing through the Lesser Antilles tonight and will continue on that westward track for a couple more days before slowing down and heading north. Uh oh.
You can see from the official forecast track by the Hurricane Center, Matthew will cross Cuba then into the Bahamas by early next week. Tropical systems  in the Bahamas more often that not find their way up the east coast. The question tonight–and one that has no definitive answer–is how close to the coast? By late next week, it appears Matthew will still be somewhere in-near the Bahamas while at the same time a dip in the jet stream across the western United States:
The forecasting challenge is will that jet stream push Matthew out to sea or will Matthew head due north?……we really won’t know that for several more days. Just something to check out this weekend with our forecasts.