7Weather- There will be a couple of rounds of rain tonight, but again, it is not a washout.

The evening is mainly dry with the first round of rain arriving around 10PM tonight. The second round moves in between 12-1AM and we’ll have a couple our hours of steady rain. The steady rain ends by the Tuesday morning commute. We’ll be left with a spotty showers throughout the morning.

Skies slowly clear throughout the afternoon and highs make it into the low 60s. It will feel a bit muggy in the morning.

Cooler air arrives behind the wet weather. Wednesday morning will feel chilly in the upper 30s. Highs make it into the mid and upper 50s, but a breeze will make it feel chilly.

Thursday is a similar day. The morning has temperatures in the upper 30s and highs are a bit below average in the mid and upper 50s. There will be a gusty breeze that will make it feel chilly.

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