Mainly Cloudy Next Couple of Days, 60s By End of Week

7Weather- Let’s do it again Tuesday, just with less wind. It looks like there will be some sun outside of I-95 in the morning, and then clouds fill in almost everywhere by mid-day.

Temperatures start in the low 40s in the morning, and then inland areas make it into the upper 50s in the afternoon. An onshore breeze will keep the coast cooler with highs near 50º.

It looks like Wednesday starts with some sun, but the clouds come back in the afternoon. The day starts in the low 40s, and then we get into the mid and upper 50s inland.

There will be a very light onshore breeze, but it will still be enough to keep the coast cooler.

Heading out to Fenway in the next couple of days? Well it’s not the best weather, but at least it’s dry. The game on Tuesday evening will be chilly in the mid and upper 40s. Wednesday’s afternoon game with have some peeks of sun with a cool breeze around. Layers are a good idea for both games.

We finally clear things up a bit on Thursday. Skies are partly sunny, and it is mild with highs near 60 inland. Friday is a nice day with some sun and highs in the mid 60s. The coast gets stuck in the 50s.