March Snow Above Average, Temps Close to Normal

So far, we have had 12 days below average, 13 days above average, and 1 day right at average.

This is for the average temperature for the day: (high temperature) + (low temperature) , dived by 2.

The average temperature for the month so far is 37.3º, putting us 0.1º below average — or right around average.


As far as just highs for the month, we’ve had more 40s, which goes along with average highs in the March being in the 40s.

We start March 1st with an average high of 42º and end it with an average high of 50º on March 31st.


March madness! We have had 13.5″ of snow this month, putting us above the March average of 7.8″.

It doesn’t compare to last year, when we has 23.3″ of snow — the most in the last 6 year!

So far, Boston has recorded 27.4″ of snow since Nov 1st. That means we March gave us about 50% of the seasonal total.


We just might hit 70º on Saturday, and it will be the first 70s reading this year.

Last year our first 70º day was on February 20th, way before the average date of April 8th.

If we hit 70 on Saturday, we’ll be hitting it about a week before the average date.