Meltdown Mode

Drip, drip, drip… all day and all night yesterday as the roof top snow continued to melt at a brisk pace. With temps running well into the 50s this afternoon, the snowpack takes another beating as piles start to dwindle under intervals of clouds and sun. At least the ski resorts have so much snow that keeping the trails open shouldn’t be a problem, and at times, it’ll have a Spring skiing feel to the air.

The pattern is briefly cooler Monday and Tuesday, back to seasonable lower 40s before the pattern flips back to the mild side. While I don’t expect any big storms during the workweek, there will likely be a few showers overnight Tuesday and very early Wednesday morning. The best chance for a widespread rain, and even cracks of thunder, won’t arrive until late Friday night and Saturday.

The warmest day is likely Thursday as highs push toward 60 degrees. The record for that date is 65, so while that’s a stretch to hit, we’ll certainly be close to the record than the average of 41 for the time of year.

If that’s not warm enough for you… head south! Big school vacation week in Florida from Fort Myers and Spring training to Disney. I don’t see any cold front in Florida as temps run near 80 in Orlando this week and low to mid 80s in Fort Myers. Chances for a passing shower or thunderstorm is rather low too, although occasionally, mid to late week may feature a couple of them in Orlando. Enjoy the trip if your plans take you there!