Meltdown to Refreeze

Weather whiplash yet? Wowza… from 20s and snow to 50s and rain, the last 24hrs has brought quite a bit of weather into the mix. Add in a few cracks of thunder, areas of fog and a gusty wind, we’ve pretty much covered all our weather bases.

The mild air through midday today coincides with batches of showers, embedded downpours/thunder and temps that run in the upper 40s to upper 50s (warmest SE Mass). Many towns pick up 0.25″-0.5″ of rain with locally higher totals in downpours. The mild air also allows for gusty southwesterly winds to push past 30mph with occasional gusts 40-45mph, especially across Southeast Mass. Early to mid afternoon, the showers are lighter and cold air start marching back in from west to east, providing a temp crash that really falls off the cliff this evening. By 7pm, we’re back to near 32 and by 7am tomorrow, we’re back to near 15! With temps falling fast, refreeze/icy conditions on untreated surfaces is likely. Watch out for black ice tonight and early tomorrow.

While tomorrow is cold, mid 20s, it’s quiet with little in the way of any wind.

Most of this week ahead is quiet aside from some showers Thursday afternoon and Thursday night.  Temps by Wednesday get back to the 40s and stay there through Christmas Eve.

Have a good Sunday and go Pats!

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