Messy Wednesday

I feel like our winter storms have been midweek storms this winter—yes? We have another on tap tomorrow and while not a Bomb Cyclone, it is quite messy which will foul up the afternoon commute. I think travel disruption is the only game in town with this one (well, that and the plowable snow (2″+) itself)..

The challenge for commuters is that it could actually be sunny around 7am tomorrow morning but by 12-2pm, snowing heavily. Here is how travel conditions likely shake out..

It looks like a slow go especially when traveling west and north of Boston tomorrow afternoon. Portions of I-95 south, Rt 24 could also be slow with a brief burst of snow and sleet. Thinking only wet roads for Rt 3 south and Rt 6 out on the cape/islands where it’s mainly a rainstorm..

The other *easy* portion of the forecast is up across southern NH and western MA…..where the air remains cold enough for snow and only snow. That pink zone in-between will be a real dog fight with snow at first then a transition to sleet and freezing rain–likely between 2:30 and 4:30pm.  OK….I’m burying the lead…snowfall forecast maps—that’s all you’re interested in–I get it. Here you go:

That’s Boston-North…..Here is Boston-South:

Plan on a thin layer of sleet (ice pellets) and an icy glaze on top of that wet snow. Thankfully, it’s a fast mover and the storm peels out of here by midnight and we get the sunshine back for Thursday.  Cheer up snow haters, temps head for 50 by the weekend (sorry snow lovers)