Mid-Week Details

We had some chilly temps today, but the sun was just GLORIOUS #IMHO.  Nice to see those rays out again and even melting down some of our recent snowfall.  Today was for the #lovers, #snowlovers and #sunworshippers; something for everyone!  What’s not to love?!  Happy Valentine’s Day.

If you’re going out tonight with your valentine (or “galentine” or “palentine”), watch out for the high heels (icy spots) and the chunks of snow falling from awnings and buildings (the melt we had today was able to “shake the snow loose” in many spots).  Clouds will fill in throughout the night, but winds stay light.  Overnight lows will be in the low to mid 20s.

Tomorrow we turn our attention to our next “system,” though it still does NOT look like another “snowstorm” (for our area, anyway).  Clipper-type system moves in from the NW and brings a few rain showers through tomorrow late morning – midday.  There is another system to the south that wants to join up with this one and make a bigger storm – but it looks like the two don’t join forces until it’s too late to mean any significant snow for our area.  Along the coast up through NH, we’re relying on “backlash” from this storm as it gets to its strongest south of Nova Scotia… looks like just a little too far east too late.  Any snow that falls will be during the overnight time-frame Wednesday – Thursday morning.  Ultimately, this “snowstorm” is another one for the ski resorts in Northern New England.  Here’s where I have our snowfall forecast as of now:

As you know, if anything changes we will keep you posted.  Thursday and Friday will be chilly and breezy, but a warm-up (with more melting) is on the way for the weekend.  After this round of “weather” tomorrow and tomorrow night, pattern is quiet for a bit.  – Breezy