Today was a little cool, especially coming off of the weekend we just had. But even this was an above average day for Boston, theme of the entire month! We’ve only had one below average day all month so far.

But it isn’t just March, it’s been the whole winter. And it isn’t just Boston, it’s the entire country. The Upper Midwest had the warmest winter on record in many spots. Locally, Lake Winnipesaukee declared ice out yesterday, March 17th. That’s the earliest ice out record for the lake, which goes back to 1887.

The entire record of ice out dates for the lake range from (now) March 17th to May 12th! When you look at all 137 years of data, the average ice out date is April 20th, so this year was over a month ahead of schedule.

However, if you break out just the ice out dates from 2000 and after, the average ice out date moves up to April 12th. So ice out has moved up over a week… definitely a sign of a warming planet.

Tomorrow will be a little cooler than today, but not cold. The average high for Boston is 46° and that’s about where we’ll be tomorrow. So even our cool down will only leave us flirting with average. Of course the breeze will be back again tomorrow so it will feel like the upper 30s for much of the afternoon. A brief warm up returns for Wednesday and as our next disturbance moves through, it will spark some evening showers on Wednesday. The showers will be after sunset. That weak system will also open the door for a reinforcing shot of cooler air to end the week and drop us below average for Thursday and Friday.

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