We are half way through May (can you believe that?!) so how is the month shaping up so far? Warm and dry. Temperatures for the first two weeks are running nearly 4° above average with rainfall lacking by over an inch in Boston.

The dry conditions this month are leading to an increased fire risk. We’ve had brush fires sparking and spreading very easily the last few days — most notably in Lynn with Friday’s fire reigniting today. With little change in the weather pattern ahead, we have a fire weather watch in effect for both Tuesday and Wednesday across southern New England.

Tomorrow will be another warm day (actually warmer than today) and the wind will pick up as well, adding to that fire risk. We’ll see wind gusts tomorrow near 30 mph.

Like I said earlier, there’s not much change in the forecast so expect more warm air this week. We have one cool day in the middle of the week but other than that the mild air will dominate all the way into next weekend.

Rain chances also stay virtually zero. Tomorrow night a cold front will move through and will drop our temperatures for Wednesday. As it passes, it could touch off a sprinkle or very light shower in the early morning hours Wednesday but don’t expect anything widespread or significant from it. So plan on a lot of watering can usage this week.

Thankfully the wind won’t stay as strong as it’ll be tomorrow. Tomorrow will be pretty windy with gusts up to 30 mph. Wednesday will not be as windy as Tuesday but with cooler temperatures you’ll probably notice it just as much as it’ll put a chill into the air as the cooler air moves in.

The cool air that’s moving in, while only for a day, will be a bit of a shock. Not only will temperatures Wednesday stay below average, but Wednesday night into Thursday morning will be quite cold too. Many spots will likely see a frost Wednesday night/Thursday morning with the typically colder spots possibly falling to near freezing. So if you did do some planting already, plan to cover some things up or bring them in that night!

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