Monday, Monday

Rough start to the week.  Had enough of this weather yet?

I love these conditions for a great run outside, but other than that… I’m ready for more consistent sunshine!  With the drizzle and mist hanging around today, it was almost as if we’re living in the clouds.  Back to Saturday’s blog theme from the movie Inside Out:  “I give this day an F.”

So, unfortunately we’re going to do this again tomorrow.  Keep the umbrella handy – though it may prove difficult to control at times as the breeze strengthens overnight and stays active through the day tomorrow.  Temps will be even chillier, too.  Quite possibly some record cold high temps tomorrow (mid to upper 40s for Worcester and MAYBE 50 for Boston).  Yeah, that’s not the kind of weather we like to see in JUNE.  That’s the kind of weather you’d expect in April.  In fact, this is the 6th straight Monday of rain in Boston… WHOMP WHOMP.

Let’s look at the positive of this crap-tastic weather:

  1.  The rain lowers the pollen counts, so allergy sufferers should be feeling less sneezy!
  2. Free facial while walking outdoors!  (Okay, that’s trying too hard)
  3. I’m saving a ton of money on my A.C. bill!
  4. The gray days make things green!  Remember last year, when walking on the dry grass was like walking on Rice Krispies?!  Check out this great comparison from Eileen on Twitter:

Alright, moving on… to Wednesday.  Gradual improvement is expected, as clouds slowly clear from north to south, and temps will finally make it into the 60s (but low 60s… don’t get to excited).  The temps keep on climbing from there, and by the weekend – we’re finally talking BEACH WEATHER!

80s for the weekend, and 90° on Monday… but wait until the middle of next week to yell at me about how you’re “sick of the heat,” mmmkay?!  Let me enjoy my warm weather buzz for a bit.  – Breezy