More Heat, More Storms

Hot and steamy today, don’t you think?  Well, due to a sea-breeze, it took until around 5pm for Boston to jump into the low 90s.  However, it eventually did, making this the 5th day of our heat wave… on to #6 tomorrow!  Humidity was on the rise today as well, causing the need for heat advisories to be expanded throughout New England.  Heat indices, aka the “real feel,” jumped up to triple digits in some spots today.  On my way into work this afternoon, with just one look at the sky and one minute outside, I felt like I was enjoying an afternoon in central Florida!  You could almost “feel” thunderstorms on the way.

For the third day in the last week, Chris Lambert has stayed for the “super-meteorologist-double-duty-team-weather” shift.

If you didn’t notice, this guy has been here since 4am!    But alas, we’re into yet another afternoon/evening with the threat of severe storms looming, and even as we approach the 7:00 hour there’s still a chance for big boomers.  We’ve been tracking a couple of lines moving through NY today, and storms really CLOBBERED New York City!  Did you see any of those reports/pics on social media?  Here’s one of my favorites (photo credit to Henrik Moltke):

As we continue to watch storm development, it looks like the strongest storms are staying to our south.  Still, we’re watching a couple of spots that have popped up in S. NH this evening, so we’re not out of the woods just yet!  Keep it tuned to #7News.

Now, back to the heat:  I mentioned that Day 6 of our heat wave is expected tomorrow – though it shouldn’t feel as stifling as today.  Humidity will be lower, but temps will still soar into the 90s for most spots.  Here’s some good news:  We’re storm-free both Tuesday & Wednesday… which means Chris Lambert will only have to work a single shift for a couple of days.  :c)  We may put an end to our stretch of 90°+ days come Wednesday, at least for BOS where I expect a sea breeze will be a refreshing bit of relief.  Then Thursday rolls around, and it’s back into the 90s… with possible storms in the forecast again.  It does look like Thursday will be a slight chance of isolated storms, but Friday’s storms may be more scattered in nature.  But, it’s worth mentioning, that’s when Chief Meteorologist Jeremy Reiner is back from vacation to take the reigns again.  And I’ll be like:

Oh, and one more piece of good news!  It looks like temps will cool a bit heading into the weekend!  Low 80s in store!  See you tomorrow.  – Breezy