More Rain…… And Even Some Snow

Egads! Snow?!?!–Well….For parts of New England, yes. For most of us, it’s another beneficial rainstorm. Here is where that storm is tonight..
Slicing through the Great Lake States and on a beeline for New England tomorrow. The front part of the day offers a little sun, a lot of clouds and even some patchy drizzle along the coast but by mid to late afternoon rain arrives and is with us during the evening commute and lasting into early Friday morning. Rain gear is good to have tomorrow and make it warm gear as temps are in the 40s. Most of us will pick up 1-2 of beneficial rain by early Friday morning–not a repeat of last Friday Night but leaves are still likely to clog the storm drains so some minor street flooding is likely late tomorrow night and into very early Friday Morning. This map shows rainfall potential for this storm (the blue indicates an inch of rain & the purple shading signals regions of more than 1″ of rain)…

So even though temps for us are in the 40s, there is the chance of snow in western & central New England early to mid afternoon.
Snow with temps in the low 40s can happen because the temps up in the clouds will be in the 20s–quite cold for this time of year!! The snow will have a hard to sticking to the ground as the ground temps are in the low 50s but elevations above 1500 feet may have a coating of snow. Check out this map that shows where the higher terrain of New England is located:
I love that map–I often refer to it in times like this (and again for our spring snow) as the higher terrain really stands out! The storm slowly moves away on Friday taking the rain with it but wind is back with us–gusty at times and temps are cool once again. Temps look to get back to normal levels (mid/upper 50s) over the weekend.