More Ups And Downs Ahead

La Nina winters are notorious for up and down temperature swings (as well as messy storms). We certainly have a classic La Nina on our hands and except for that historic Holiday Cold (7 straight days of temps below 20 degrees–first time since 1918), that is how our pattern has been for the past few weeks and will continue at least for another week (maybe two).

On the map this evening is cold High Pressure and a warm front…

That big ol Blue H is the reason we saw all sorts of sunshine today but also why temps struggled to make it out of the 20s. We have another chilly day tomorrow as High pressure drifts through and east of New England. In terms of sunshine, we’ll start with it but clouds will fill up the sky by afternoon as a warm front approaches. No warm air tomorrow in spite of the approaching front but it is on the way…once we get through a little weather.

That weather will be in the form of afternoon clouds and evening snow showers. These snow showers won’t be disruptive with travel plans in southern New England but if you are traveling north tomorrow night plan on a couple of inches of snow. As for us…brace yourselves…

A coating (maybe an inch). I know. Brutal. These snow showers are the result of the warm air attempting to (and eventually succeeding) dislodge the cold air by the weekend. In fact, Saturday will have a feel of spring by midday and afternoon:

I suppose Sunday will also have a spring feel to it (40s and rain can be quite common in April…and May).

Time for my weekly *daylight increase update*

That’s around 76 minutes of daylight over the next four weeks. Things are looking up again.