Much cooler Monday after record breaking warmth this weekend

7Weather- Wow! It was a warm weekend! Boston has only made it into the 70s 4 times in the month of January since records began in 1872. Two of the four times were this weekend. Sunday was the warmest day ever in January. Hopefully you got to go out and enjoy the summer-like highs. The cooler weather is back to kick off the week.

Areas along the coast will wake up to cloudy skies, while inland areas will initially have some sun. A northeast wind kicks in tonight, and that could make for a few ocean-effect flakes early Monday morning.

The rest of the day will be mainly cloudy for the entire area. Temperatures could get stuck in the upper 30s for southern New Hampshire, Worcester County, and the Merrimack Valley. Southeast Massachusetts will reach into the low 40s.

Tuesday is mostly sunny with highs between 38-45º.

Wednesday is the pick of the week! There will be a mix of sun and clouds with highs close to 50º. It’s not the 70s we saw this weekend, but it’s still about 15 degrees above average.

Cold air begins to move back into the region on Thursday. There could be a morning wintry mix, and then it’s partly cloudy in the afternoon.

A cold blast of air moves in Friday. It will be windy making it feel close to 0º in the morning, and in the teens in the afternoon.