Enjoy yesterday? While it was still plenty warm, mid 80s to near 90, the humidity dropped as dewpoints lowered to around 60 degrees.  That allowed for a much more comfortable day across the region.

While we start off today with dewpoints running in the 60s, a surge of humidity will come in later this afternoon as a warm front delivers another case of the muggies.  To go along with the higher humidity, that warm front also delivers scattered storms.  A few storms are in and out across New England from late morning to the evening.  They’ll be scattered, so not all towns see them, and even if you get hit by a storm, you’ll still see plenty of dry hours. The main threat with any storms today will be locally torrential rain and lot’s of cloud to ground lightning as the atmosphere will be loaded with moisture. Something else to watch with these storms later today is the possibility they are locally severe, producing damaging wind gusts. There’s even a low risk of a tornado somewhere across southern New England as these warm fronts can help produce rotation in storms as wind direction and wind speed can change quite a bit in the lowest few thousand feet of the atmosphere.  The risk is overall low, but non zero.  The Storm Prediction Center shows that low risk on the graphic below (note: It’s a bit higher across western MA/VT/CT vs. eastern MA).  It looks likes the wind profile to support severe storms is there more so late afternoon/evening vs late morning, but we’ll keep an eye on any storm regardless.

Scattered evening storms fade out tonight, leaving a mild overnight with lows in the low 70s.  Don’t like the high humidity? Don’t worry, it won’t linger long as lowering humidity works in by tomorrow with a decent breeze out of the northwest.  It’ll still be warm Wednesday – Friday with highs in the mid to upper 80s.  The rain chance is rather low as well.

Weekend looks good with upper 70s coast, mid 80s inland. More clouds are likely Sunday afternoon vs. Saturday, although other than an isolated shower Sunday afternoon, the weekend should be dry.  Few showers possible next Monday.

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