“My Weather App Says…”

If I had a nickel for every time I heard, “but my weather app says…” – and most of the times I hear this, it’s from my HUSBAND (he should know better).  Simply put:  That weather app is crap (well, unless it’s the #7News weather app where you can watch a live-stream of 7News and the most recent video forecast).  Okay – okay, your weather app isn’t ALWAYS bad – but generally speaking, it’s completely computer generated and it certainly doesn’t tell the whole story in one little icon.  So many people hit me up on social media today and said, “my weather app says Memorial Day is a washout!”  I’m happy to be the bearer of GOOD news then, because we will not lose the entire holiday to rain.

For early services and parades, we should be dry.  Still, it’s cloudy and cool all day long with temps in the 50s.

It looks like the showers will work in late morning into midday, and we’re just talking about a fairly quick (2-3 hours) round of scattered showers:

Could be a rumble of thunder or a quick downpour in here during the afternoon, but totals won’t be too impressive; generally between 0.10″-0.25″.  A few spots could come closer to 0.50″, but that is likely to be very localized.  The showers break apart and taper to more of a drizzly, misty evening.  Which means you may still be able to get that Memorial Day cookout in for supper, if you don’t mind the cool, damp 50 degree temps.

Unfortunately, it does stay fairly unsettled this week.  Tuesday’s highs will be in the mid 60s under mostly cloudy skies, and another round of rain (even a few thunderstorms) will move through late Tuesday (more likely after dark and into the late night hours).

I know that many of you were hoping for this to be a beach-weekend; but I hope you were still able to take advantage of the dry weekend.  Maybe you made some new memories or recalled some old ones.  While rain in the forecast can be a damper, especially on a holiday, let’s not forget about what THIS holiday is really for.  Have a great Memorial Day.  – Breezy