What a difference 24 hours make! Isn’t the saying “if you don’t like the weather in New England wait a day”? Well that holds true today. Yesterday we woke up to temperatures in the single digits. Today we’re near 50°. Many towns are 40° warmer than just 24 hours ago! With the warm start, we’ll have a warm finish as we head to 60°.

In fact, we’ll challenge records! Both Boston and Worcester have record high temperatures set in 1981. It’ll be close today. Get outside and enjoy these temperatures! Just note on the graphic above the wind. We’ll see gusts this afternoon 30-40 mph.

This is the warm side of a potent storm that will move through tonight. As the cold front passes tonight, wind will crank up even more, rain comes in with pockets of downpours. We’ll likely see power outages with this one, especially south of the Mass Pike. Friday we watch a crazy temperature crash! From near 60° at 7am to near 30° at 7pm.

As I mentioned, wind will be gusty today, but they really crank this evening and tonight. We have high wind warnings and wind advisories in effect from 11pm tonight until 9am Friday morning. The high wind warning is for areas along and south of the Pike where wind gusts could hit 65 mph. North of the Mass Pike is a wind advisory for gusts up to 55 mph. Tree and power line damage is possible everywhere but more likely in the gold shaded area below than the tan shaded zones.

The farther south you are, the stronger the gusts will be. Or at least the more likely we are to see those damaging wind gusts. That said, don’t take that as there’s no threat for our northern areas. We’ll still see gusts pushing 50 mph at times.

When the rain comes in, it will be heavy at times with pockets of downpours, but I’m not concerned about flooding rains. By Friday morning most areas will end up with 1/2″ to 1″ in the rain gauges.

Here’s the timeline of the rain. At 9pm tonight most of us are still dry but a few light showers start to develop in our western spots. By midnight it’s raining with pockets of heavy rain/downpours. It’ll rain through the night and become scattered by the morning commute. You’ll have wet roads for your morning drive regardless and there will be areas that are dry and areas that the rain is coming down pretty hard — as you’d expect with scattered downpours. By 9am Friday we’ll start drying things out.

Once the rain moves through tomorrow morning, temperatures are going to plummet. So make the most of the 60° temperatures today. It’s one and done, and in fact tomorrow will be quite shocking from the morning to the evening.

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