Need Sun Now!

It’s been slow improvement, but improvement nonetheless; finally seeing some peeks of sunshine through the day today and even a few beautiful sunset scenes!

See!  It’s still there!  It’s just been hiding behind the clouds for the last few days.  Even more sunshine is on the way for tomorrow – but it will be a chilly day with a breeze out of the NW and highs in the low to mid 40s.  High pressure is taking control for a bit.  I always tell the kids during my school visits that the big “H” on the map stands for “‘High pressure,’ but also ‘Happy’ because we get to see the sun!”  Monday will feature even MORE sunshine.  Soak it all in while you can, because clouds move back in on Tuesday.

Admittedly, I’m feeling a little selfish because I truly do need the sun – but we ALL need rain more.  The U.S. Drought Monitor hasn’t changed much in the last couple of weeks, with still about 40% of Massachusetts under “Extreme Drought” conditions.  While we did wrap up October with above-average precip for the month, November has been a different story; currently running more than 2″ below normal for the month in Boston.  We still have a long way to go; not just for this month, but for all of 2016 (-10.85″ in Boston).  With all of that said (or rather, written) – while I do wish there were more sunshine to show in the 7on7 Forecast, it’s actually GOOD news that there’s the potential for some beneficial rainfall on the way.  Will we catch up for November?  Unlikely… but we may get a good start for December.

Tuesday through Thursday will feature periods of rain and if forecast models are on the right track, this could be 1-2″ of rain (maybe even more)!  The wet weather arrives during the afternoon/evening on Tuesday , and while Wednesday may be mostly dry, we get rocked with wind-driven rain on Thursday.  Again, still many details to iron out, including exactly WHEN and HOW MUCH… but I will tell you right now that you will want the umbrella handy through the middle of next week!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!  – Breezy