7Weather – Good morning! Who’s continuing the St. Patrick’s Day weekend celebrations? It’s a nice morning for it. Temperatures are starting off mild in the 40s for MetroWest and the city of Boston. A lot of clouds were around overnight, allowing for this above-average start. Some of those clouds squeezing out sprinkles for the coast, Cape and Islands.

Those sprinkles are part of a cold front. We won’t feel the effects of it yet. There’s still mild air above us in the clouds today. A westerly wind will start to pull in the cooler air. The colder temperatures are there back to our west. We’ll feel that waking up tomorrow morning and hold on the chilly feel through Sunday.

We wake up tomorrow to temperatures in a range from 25° to near 30°. Temperatures tomorrow will be locked in the 30s. It’ll be windy. Westerly gusts will approach 35-40 mph by the afternoon. That’ll drop wind chill value to the 20s! That’s how you’ll want to dress for any St. Patrick’s Day parade you attend. Luckily, we will get some sunshine tomorrow.

Monday, we say “hello” to spring! It’ll be a nice start to it with bright sunshine and a lot of days in the 50s next week.

Have a great weekend!

-Meteorologist Melanie Black

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