Nice Today, Fantastic 4th!

Clear skies & mild winds, means we’re waking up to varied temperatures this morning from low-60s Orange, to mid-75 in Boston. It’s another hot forecast today with temps in the upper-80s for most locations (Boston reaching 90° not out of the question). While we’re contending with the heat today (high temps 85-90° for most locations), we’ll continue to catch a major break in the dewpoint department. Dewpoints drop from mid-60s this morning into the 50s this afternoon & tonight, which means we go from muggy weather to pretty comfy summer weather today. The cold front the moves through Massachusetts, ushering in the drop in dewpoints, will also lead to a few clouds moving through this afternoon and even a spot shower/iso. storm south of the Mass. Pike. Any wet/stormy weather we see will be very limited.

If you want to get a head start on some firework fun, you’ve got a great night for it! Tonight we’ll enjoy clear skies and temps in the 70s, with comfortable humidity levels!

I think the grand finale of our gradual improvement weather-wise (from Friday last week into this week), really culminates tomorrow for the Independence Day. Your 4th of July forecast features returning seasonable temps in the low-80s with low humidity. I don’t think it could get much nicer!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend, and the gorgeous forecast we have through the bulk of this week!