No Complaints Here

Despite it being Monday, the overall score for the day was up near a perfect 10. Pats win last night, Sox take 2 of 3 from Toronto and some absolutely delightful fall weather on tap with an early morning chill followed by seasonal temps in the afternoon. Sign me up. We have more of this tonight-tomorrow as High Pressure is located just south of New England this evening:

and that big blue H is the keeper of our comfy weather flame. Like last night, we will see temps head for the 40s & 50s late tonight-early Tuesday morning:
with the warm spots being Boston & Nantucket (surrounded by the “warm” ocean water) while places like Norwood start in the mid 40s. Invigorating when you head out the door around 6:30-7:00am. Sunshine goes to work tomorrow sending those temps up near 80 by afternoon (a little warmer than today) but with low humidity we’re still talking outstanding late summer weather. Also on that map above is a stripe of clouds from Minnesota up into Ontario. That’s our next weather system, a cold front, that will come charging into New England Wednesday Night with some showers & storms (might be some scattered rains for the Boss at Gillette). before the showers arrive, Wednesday is more humid and even warmer than tomorrow with temps in the mid 80s but after those showers blow through here (with less than .50″ of rain) we are right back into Fall Preview Mode with crisp, cool temps & sunshine for the end of the week. Yup, that’ll work.